Changing a Github User pages site with a custom URL to a project site

(Github’s pages guide can be found here

This blog is built and deployed with Octopress to a Github repository. Previously the repository was a Github User pages site, the now defunct, along with the custom URL

While I wanted to continue serving this blog with the custom URL I wanted the ability to serve other projects from the account with Github pages branches from the standard Github pages URL This was not possible with this setup as any request to would forward to because of the Github User pages site.

To change this I had to do the following:

Changed the repository from a user site to a project site by going to the projects’ settings page and renaming it.

Github project settings page

While in Github, took note of the projects’ new SSH Clone URL

Github SSH clone url

Went to the Octopress project on my computer and edited _config.yml changing the url from to

From the root of the project re-ran

rake setup_github_pages

providing the new SSH Clone URL


rake generate
rake deploy

If are having problems with the path to resources, e.g. CSS files, try manipulating the line that sets the site root in _config.yml

root: /

The blog is now still served from the Custom URL but other account projects can have their pages branches accessed at